"Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world, indeed it's the only thing that has."

Margaret Mead

Change For A Change
Barts Pantry - Move Against Hunger

Don't Let Your Clients Stress Out About Moving Their Food

Why should your clients go through the hassle of moving their food when they can donate it to those in need. Give us a call today, and our Bart's Pantry volunteers will gladly come to Donate Your Kitchen Foodyour client's home, pack up all of their non-perishable items and provide them to families in need.

Helping Your Neighbors

With so many people in need in our community, we at Bart’s Pantry decided to start a new program called Move Against Hunger.
Your clients now have the opportunity to help by donating their non-perishable foods.

Most food that is packed up and moved is often discarded once it reaches the new home since it has been sitting in boxes on a hot truck for hours if not days.  

Instead of just letting this food go to waste, all you have to do is give Bart’s Pantry a call and we will coordinate a day and time to come to your client’s home with our crates and pack up all their non-perishable items.

If you have any clients you think would be interested in helping our fight against hunger, please give Celia Riggio a call at 201-819-5842 to setup an appointment.

Thank you for all your Support

Bart’s Pantry

Pasta & Sauce Peanut Butter
Canned Tuna Jellies/Jams
Canned Soups Cereal
Canned Vegetables Canned Fruit


Items listed in  RED are needed the most

We can ONLY  accept
Non-Perishable Items at this time.

2017 Food Delivery Schedule